The Budget 2013

Tax increases and spending cuts of €3.5bn have been announced in Budget 2013.

Main points

New Property Tax from July 2013 of 0.18% on homes worth up to €1m, and 0.25% on those over €1m

Three-year exemption from Property Tax for first-time buyers, and people buying new or previously unoccupied homes

Child Benefit will be cut by €10 a month for the first and second child, €18 for third child and €20 for fourth and subsequent children

Basic weekly rate of Social Welfare untouched

Duration of Jobseeker’s Benefit reduced by three months, from a year to nine months

Maternity Benefit to be taxed from 1 July 2013

Income Tax untouched

PRSI will be payable on all sources of income

Weekly PRSI allowance for employees abolished

PRSI minimum up from €253 to €500 for self-employed


Prescription charge for Medical Card holders is trebled to €1.50

GP-only cards for high-income earners over-70

Threshold for Drug Payment Scheme increased from €132 to €144 per month

Additional €150m set aside for health budget bringing it to €13.6bn


Motor Tax and Vehicle Registration Tax rates to rise in January 2013

Motor tax increases on cars taxed on the basis of their CO2 emissions will range from €10 to €92 per annum

Pre-2008 cars still taxed on engine size to see rates rise by between €21 and €126

VRT rates on new cars set to increase depending on CO2 emissions

New car registration system distinguishing cars bought in the first six months of the year from those bought in the second six months

Excise Duty

Duty on 20 cigarettes up by 10 cent from midnight

Pint of beer or cider up 10 cent from midnight

Standard measure of spirits up 10 cent and 75cl bottle of wine up €1 from midnight

No increase in excise duty on petrol and diesel


Third-level registration charge to increase by €750 between 2013 and 2015 – €250 each year

Allocation to VECs to be cut by €13m

Pupil-teacher ratio for fee paying schools to be increased


No change to State pension

Standard rate Universal Social Charge to be paid on pensions over €60,000

Changes to the universal telephone and electricity allowance

Early withdrawal of Additional Voluntary Contributions to be allowed up to 30% of contribution

Public Service Reform

100 garda stations to close, plus a reduction in the opening hours of another seven

Ten-point tax reform plan targeting small business

Public Service staff numbers to be reduced to 287,000 in 2013 and to be further reduced to 282,500 in 2014


Unvouched expenses to be abolished for Oireachtas members

Party Leaders’ Allowance to be cut by 10%

Proposals to introduce legislation to abolish severance pay for office-holders


Corporation Tax rate unchanged

Capital Acquisitions Tax up from 30% to 33%

Capital Gains Tax up from 30% to 33%

DIRT up from 30% to 33%


Film Tax Relief Scheme to be extended to 2020

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