Budget 2023

"Budget 2023 yesterday was announced during a period of increased volatility in the global economy. Rising inflation, the current energy crisis and the ever-changing geopolitical landscape arising from the conflict in Ukraine are at the forefront of this volatility. Budget 2023, described by the Minister for Finance as a "Cost of Living Budget", has several [...]

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Budget Highlights 2022

The Minister for Finance, Pascal Donohoe,  announced Budget 2022 yesterday as our country faces unprecedented challenges with factors such as post pandemic uncertainty, rising cost of living, the housing crisis and reducing our carbon footprint all at the forefront. This core budgetary package of €4.6billion looks to a post COVID-19 era and to building recovery [...]

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Budget 2015 – What it means for you

Employment: Unemployment is expected to decrease in 2015 by approximately 10%. “We expect to have 2,000,000 at work in 2016”, Minister Noonan. Government Revenue: In 2015, total general government expenditure is expected to be €70.5 billion, while government revenue is expected to be €65.2 billion. Ireland’s GDP growth rate is forecast at 3.9% in 2015 [...]

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Budget 2015 – Christmas Bonus for Pensioners

According to the Irish Independent, the Budget 2015 is set to restore part of the pensioners Christmas Bonus. 5 years ago the Coalition dropped the Christmas bonus which had previously cost €260 million, so this year ministers are looking to partly restore the bonus as a gesture. A full bonus would give 1.2 million social [...]

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Budget 2014 – Tax Guide

Main Tax Credits & Allowances 2014 2013 € € Personal Tax Credits Single Person 1,650 1,650 Married or in a Civil Partnership 3,300 3,300 Single Person Child Carer 1,650 - One-Parent Family - 1,650 Widowed Person or Surviving Civil Partner - In year of bereavement 3,300 3,300 - Without dependent children 2,190 2,190 - With [...]

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Budget 2014 – The Highlights

Business Tax  Corporation Tax Rate It is welcoming to hear that the Government has once again re-affirmed its commitment to the retention of Ireland’s 12.5% Corporation Tax rate. In light of constant media attention surrounding the matter, it is encouraging that the Government remains determined to retain the 12.5% tax rate, as this is [...]

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